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Rep. Mike Weissman


Mike Weissman lives in Aurora and represents House District 36. He is currently serving his second term. Rep. Weissman serves as Chair of the Judiciary Committee and sits on the Energy and Environment Committee.

Public service and community involvement are strong values for Rep. Weissman learned from his parents and grandparents at an early age. His grandmother was a tireless advocate for senior citizens in the small town where she lived. His mother volunteered for years in the public school district where he grew up and his father and both grandfathers served in the U.S. Army.

Rep. Weissman studied economics because economics is where hard reality meets values to inform many of the important decisions that inform how our society works. Later in life, he went back to school to study law because law is the language in which our public policy is written.

He’s worked in technology, helping small organizations achieve their goals with a minimum of complexity and expense. He has worked to protect public lands and to keep our air and water clean and safe. He’s also worked to protect rights of all citizens to exercise their fundamental right to vote.

As a volunteer on Arapahoe County’s Citizen Budget Committee, Rep. Weissman learned how to create basic services such as public safety and job training with limited funds.

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