Military Appreciation Day at the Capitol

(Jan. 25) – Legislators stood with generals today as the House observed Military Appreciation Day, recognizing the contributions of our veterans and active servicemen and women.

Rep. Su Ryden (D-Aurora) was the principal organizer of Military Appreciation Day, which this year included the passage of resolutions proclaiming Military, Veterans and MIA/POW Appreciation Day; observing the 60th anniversary of the end of the Korean War; honoring Coloradans who served in Iraq or in the war on terrorism; designating National Guard and Reserve retirees as veterans; commemorating the 1968 capture by North Korea of the USS Pueblo; and naming a bridge near Placerville for a local man who was killed in the Vietnam War.

Joining the proceedings on the House floor were most of the state Senate, dozens of senior active and retired military officers, and officials of state and local agencies and charitable groups that serve veterans and active-duty personnel.

“As the representative of Buckley Air Force Base, it’s my great pleasure to organize this event,” Rep. Ryden said. “No group is more deserving of our praise and support than our military and veterans.”

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