‘More Time Learning, Less Time Prepping for a Test’

(Jan. 28) – Reps. John Buckner, D-Aurora, and Brittany Pettersen, D-Lakewood, the chairman and vice chairwoman of the House Education Committee, issued statements today after a hearing at which the state Standards and Assessments Task Force released its report on Colorado’s K-12 academic testing standards.

“The task force’s report is the product of a rigorous process involving a broad group of stakeholders representing all sides in Colorado’s debate over educational assessments,” Rep. Buckner said. “We recognize the need to reduce the overall testing burden on students while also not compromising on performance goals. We must not lose sight of our objective: to create an education system that gives every student – regardless of circumstance – the best chance to succeed.”

“Making sure students achieve proficiency in subjects like math and English is critical in meeting our shared goal of providing an excellent education to our students,” Rep. Pettersen said. “It’s clear from the Standards and Assessments Task Force’s report that the current system of assessment is not serving Colorado as well as it should. I look forward to working with my fellow legislators to develop the task force’s recommendations into legislation that will allow students to spend more time learning and less time prepping for a test.”

The Standards and Assessments Task Force was created by last year’s HB14-1202, and tasked with studying the current state and local assessments systems in Colorado schools, assessing the benefits and impacts, and issuing recommendations based on those findings.

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