New Renter, Homeowner Protections Going Into Effect

(Aug. 8) — Two bills to help Coloradans deal with the housing crunch and stay in their homes go into effect on Wednesday.

SB 17-245, sponsored by Rep. Dan Pabon, requires additional notice for month-to-month tenants if landlords decide to raise the rent or terminate their lease. Previously, only seven days’ notice was required; under this new law, tenants will get 21 days.

“In this overheated housing market, more and more people are facing rent increases and having to find short-term accommodations,” said Rep. Pabon, D-Denver. “This new law will relieve some of the pressure on renters when faced with these situations, and give them more time to find an alternative if needed.”

HB 17-1354, sponsored by Majority Leader KC Becker, helps better protect mobile home owners from losing their homes over small unpaid tax bills by giving discretion to county treasurers to determine how to collect delinquent taxes, and allowing them to prevent tax liens from being sold to investors. The new law passed both chambers of the legislature unanimously.

“This new law helps prevent situations where a family loses their mobile home because of a very small unpaid tax bill – sometimes as little as $80 – that they may not have even known they owed,” said Rep. Becker, D-Boulder. “This will give treasurers more tools to help families get these bills paid, rather than having to automatically turn them over to collectors.”

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