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September 7, 2021


New laws include measures to address gun violence, protect free speech, prevent discrimination, foster affordable housing and ban legacy admissions at state universities

DENVER, CO– Nearly 170 of the 502 laws passed during the 2021 legislative session go into effect today, with acts subject to petition becoming effective 90 days after the legislature adjourns.

“From passing new laws to combat climate change and improve our air quality to working to prevent gun violence and lower the cost of housing, the 2021 session was one of the most productive in history,” said Speaker Alec Garnett, D-Denver. “I’m proud of the work lawmakers did last session to support their communities, revitalize our state and help Colorado build back stronger.”

“I’m excited to see so much of what we accomplished last session go into effect today, and I’m especially proud of what we passed to support our Southern Colorado communities,” said Majority Leader Daneya Esgar, D-Pueblo. “Today, Colorado’s anti-discrimination laws are more inclusive and insurers can no longer use consumer data to discriminate. Communities across our state will start to see improved mental health services and better schools, and more Coloradans will be able to visit our state parks for less money.”

The laws going into effect today require retailers to accept cash, update the state’s protections against discrimination , promote financial literacy in K-12 education, and prohibit legacy admissions. Also among the laws going into effect today are measures to combat climate change, bolster the state’s utility assistance program and mitigate natural disasters, such as floods and wildfires.

All or portions of the following laws take effect today:

HB21-1286 (Kipp, A. Valdez)– Energy Performance for Buildings

HB21-1048 (Valdez A)– Retail Business Must Accept Cash

HB21-1084 (Exum, Van Winkle)– Drivers Licenses For Foster Children

HB21-1108 (Esgar)– Gender Identity Expression Anti-discrimination

HB21-1116 (Holtorf, Ortiz)– Purple Heart Recipient Free State Park Access

HB21-1117 (Lontine, Gonzales-Gutierrez)– Local Government Authority Promote Affordable Housing Units

HB21-1119 (Rich, Daugherty)– Suicide Prevention, Intervention, & Postvention

HB21-1142 (Bacon)– Eyewitness Identification Showup Regulations

HB21-1173 (Mullica)– Prohibiting Legacy Preferences in Higher Ed Insts

HB21-1181 (McCormick, Will)– Agricultural Soil Health Program

HB21-1200 (Kipp, Rich)– Revise Student Financial Literacy Standards

HB21-1223 (McLachlan, Soper)– Create Outdoor Recreation Industry Office

HB21-1238 (Bernett)– Public Utilities Commission Modernize Gas Utility Demand-side Management Standards

HB21-1280 (Woodrow, Gonzales-Gutierrez)– Pre-trial Detention Reform

HB21-1307 (Roberts)– Prescription Insulin Pricing And Access

HB21-1310 (Cutter)– Homeowners’ Association Regulation of Flags and Signs

SB21-006 (Soper, Titone)– Human Remains Natural Reduction Soil

SB21-011 (Mullica and Pelton)– Pharmacist Prescribe Dispense Opiate Antagonist

SB21-025 (Tipper and Will)– Family Planning Service For Eligible Individuals

SB21-075 (Tipper, Young)– Supported Decision-making Agreement

SB21-077 (Benavidez, Kipp)– Remove Lawful Presence Verification Credentialing

SB21-078 (Sullivan, Herod)– Lost or Stolen Firearms

SB21-123 (McCormick)– Expand Canadian Rx Import Program

SB21-154 (Cutter, Soper)– 988 Suicide Prevention Lifeline Network

SB21-185 (McLachlan, McCluskie)– Supporting Educator Workforce in Colorado

SB21-249 (Will, Tipper)– Keep Colorado Wild Annual Pass

HB21-1009 (Bernett)– Update Division of Housing Function & Local Development

HB21-1010 (Ricks, Gonzales-Gutierrez)– Diverse K-12 Educator Workforce Report

HB21-1012 (Mullica, Rich)– Expand Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

HB21-1013 (Snyder, Van Winkle)– Division of Domestic Stock Insurer

HB21-1016 (Ortiz, Lynch)– Transfer Jurisdiction To Veteran’s Speciality Court

HB21-1019 (Hooton)– Modification to Regulations of Factory-built Structures

HB21-1021 (Pelton, Caraveo)– Peer Support Professionals Behavioral Health

HB21-1025 (Arndt)– Nonsubstantive Emails And Open Meetings Law

HB21-1028 (Bird, Rich)– Annual Public Report Affordable Housing

HB21-1030 (McCluskie, McKean)– Expanding Peace Officers Mental Health Grant Program

HB21-1044 (Hooton, Larson)– Winery License Include Noncontiguous Areas

HB21-1045 (Young, Valdez D)– Invasive Pest Control Administration

HB21-1046 (Arndt, Catlin)– Water Share Right Mutual Ditch Corporation

HB21-1050 (Gray, Van Winkle)– Workers Compensation

HB21-1051 (Geitner, Bird)– Public Info Applicants For Public Employment

HB21-1052 (McKean)– Define Pumped Hydroelectricity As Renewable Energy

HB21-1056 (Pelton)– Cost Thresholds For Public Project Bidding Reqmnts

HB21-1061 (Gray)– Residential Land Property Tax Certification

HB21-1063 (Lontine)– Model Law Credit Extraterritorial Reinsurance

HB21-1065 (Ortiz, Carver)– Veterans’ Hiring Preference

HB21-1066 (Bockenfeld, Michaelson Jenet)– CDOT Financial Reporting Requirements

HB21-1069 (Carver, Roberts)– Enforcement of Sexual Exploitation of A Child

HB21-1073 (Van Beber, Michaelson Jenet)– Support Foster Families License Plate

HB21-1075 (Lontine)– Replace The Term Illegal Alien

HB21-1099 (Ransom, Michaelson Jenet)– Policies & Procedures To Identify Domestic Abuse

HB21-1100 (Soper)– Electronic Filing Of Documents With Governmental Entities

HB21-1102 (Duran, Soper)– Consumer Protection For Dog & Cat Purchasers

HB21-1104 (Larson, McLachlan)– Professional Educator Licensure Renewal Period

HB21-1105 (Kennedy)– Low-income Utility Payment Assistance Contributions

HB21-1111 (McKean)– Consent Collection Personal Information

HB21-1115 (Kipp, Mullica)– Board Of Health Member Requirements

HB21-1123 (Michaelson Jenet, Larson)– CAPS Checks For Substantiated Mistreatment Of Adult

HB21-1128 (Michaelson Jenet)– Hospice And Palliative Care License Plate

HB21-1131 (Amabile)– Cooperative Electric Associations Governance Requirements

HB21-1137 (Weissman, Van Winkle)– Limit Notification General Assembly Regarding Adoption Of Rules

HB21-1140 (Titone)– Eliminate Donor Costs For Living Organ Donations

HB21-1141 (Hooton)– Electric Vehicle License Plate

HB21-1145 (Kipp and Soper)– Support Pollinator Special License Plate

HB21-1147 (Valdez, D and Van Winkle)– Simplify Architects Continuing Education Requirement

HB21-1148 (Bockenfeld, Michaelson Jenet)– Colorado State Fair Annual Report Submission Date Change

HB21-1150 (Jodeh)– Create The Colorado Office Of New Americans

HB21-1151 (McLachlan, Catlin)– Indian Tribes To Certify Own Foster Homes

HB21-1152 (Valdez D., Lynch)– Repeal Obsolete Capitol Dome Restoration Fund

HB21-1153 (Arndt, Valdez D.)– Enter Zone Child Care Income Tax Credit

HB21-1154 (Valdez D., Lynch)– Modification To Child Care Tax Credit To Address Defects

HB21-1156 (Lynch, Pico)– Fix Defects Related To Severance Withholdings

HB21-1157 (Arndt, Lynch)– Accurate References For Department of Revenue Tax Administration

HB21-1158 (Valdez D., Lynch)– Special Fuel Farm Equipment Sales Use Tax

HB21-1160 (Duran, Soper)– Care Of Dogs And Cats In Pet Animal Facilities

HB21-1167 (Duran, Will)– Private Construction Contract Payments

HB21-1177 (Valdez D., Lynch)– Add Use Tax Exemption to Some Sales Tax Exemption

HB21-1178 (Pico and Valdez, D)– Correcting Errors in the Colorado Marijuana Code

HB21-1180 (Valdez D., Will)– Measures to Increase Biomass Utilization

HB21-1186 (Gray, Sullivan)– Regional Transportation District Operation

HB21-1187(Young and Pelton)– Long-term Services and Support Case Management Redesign

HB21-1188 (Kennedy)– Additional Liability Under Respondeat Superior

HB21-1193 (Gray)– Consumer Protection Supplemental Restraint Systems

HB21-1194 (Tipper, Ricks)– Immigration Legal Defense Fund

HB21-1195 (Van Winkle, Michaelson Jenet)– Regulation of Radon Professionals

HB21-1198 (Jodeh)– Healthcare Billing Requirements for Indigent Patients

HB21-1208 (Cutter, Gray)– Natural Disaster Mitigation Enterprise

HB21-1209 (Gonzales-Gutierrez)– Parole Eligibility for Youthful Offenders

HB21-1212 (Soper)– Diversity of Governor’s Appointments to Boards

HB21-1214 (Weissman, Bacon)– Record Sealing Collateral Consequences Reduction

HB21-1217 (Bockenfeld, Bacon)– Military Family Open Enrollment in Public Schools

HB21-1218 (Duran, Bockenfeld)– Professional Firefighter License Plate

HB21-1219 (Esgar, Mullica)– Nurse Special License Plate

HB21-1222 (A.Valdez, Van Winkle)– Regulation of Family Child Care Homes

HB21-1225 (Bird, Will)– Electronic Recording Technology Board

HB21-1226 (Esgar, Will)– More Robust Check Station Aquatic Nuisance Species

HB21-1227 (Lontine)– Medicaid Nursing Facilities Demonstration Of Need

HB21-1229 (Titone, Ricks)– Home Owners’ Associations Governance Funding Record Keeping

HB21-1236 (Titone, Baisley)– State Information Technology

HB21-1241 (Daugherty, Lynch)– Employee-owned Business Loan Program Modifications

HB21-1245 (Sullivan)– On-track Equipment Railroad Crossings

HB21-1247 (Jackson, McKean)– Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment Contract Pay To Grantees Up Front

HB21-1248 (Amabile)– Colorado Children’s Trust Fund Act

HB21-1249 (Roberts, Michaelson Jenet)– Repeal Gaming City Audit Requirement

HB21-1267 (Lontine, Larson)– County Authority To Delegate Mill Levy Certification

HB21-1274 (Titone)– Unused State-owned Real Property Beneficial Use

HB21-1275 (Lontine and Will)– Medicaid Reimbursement For Services By Pharmacists

HB21-1284 (Valdez A, Van Winkle)– Limit Fee Install Active Solar Energy System

HB21-1291 (Van Winkle, Exum)– Insurer Agent Branded Vehicle Title

HB21-1293 (Snyder, Larson)– Banks Modify Threshold Credentialed Appraiser

HB21-1300 (Weissman, Neville)– Health-care Provider Liens For Injured Persons

HB21-1301 (Esgar)– Cannabis Outdoor Cultivation Measures

HB21-1303 (Bernett, McLachlan)– Global Warming Potential For Public Project Material

HB21-1306 (Garnett, Geitner)– Accreditation Of Postsecondary Institutions

HB21-1323 (Cutter, Amabile)– Special Olympics License Plate

HB21-1324 (Pelton, Roberts,)– Promote Innovative And Clean Energy Technologies

SB21-004 (Esgar, Luck)– Jurisdiction Over Pueblo Chemical Depot.

SB21-008 (Valdez D., Holtorf)– Remove Junior From Certain College Names

SB21-009 (Caraveo)– Reproductive Health Care Program

SB21-015 (Ortiz, Lynch)– Veterans Service Organization Stipend For Funeral Services

SB21-017 (Larson, Bradfield)– Sexual Contact By An Educator

SB21-020 (Valdez A, Soper)– Energy Equipment and Facility Property Tax Valuation

SB21-021 (Young and Carver)– Audiology And Speech-language Interstate Compact

SB21-022 (Snyder, McKean)– Notification Requirements For Health Care Policy And Financing Audit

SB21-032 (Ortiz)– Mobile Veterans-support Unit Grant Program

SB21-035 (Bird)– Restrictions On Third-party Food Delivery Services

SB21-038 (Kennedy, Van Winkle)– Expansion of Complementary And Alternative Medicine

SB21-040 (Rich)– Driver’s History Profession Or Occupation Decision

SB21-056 (Gray, Van Winkle)– Expand Cannabis-based Medicine At Schools

SB21-063 (Hooton and Pelton)– Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements Offer Insurance

SB21-065 (Mullica)– Gasoline and Special Fuels Tax Information Disclosure

SB21-067 (McLachlan, Carver)– Strengthening Civics Education

SB21-069 (A Valdez, Ortiz)– License Plate Expiration On Change Of Ownership

SB21-070 (Bird)– County Authority To Register Businesses

SB21-082 (Mullica)– Alcohol Beverage Festival for Tastings and Sales

SB21-084 (Gray)– Local government authority roughed-in roads.

SB21-090 (Michaelson Jenet, Soper)– Child Sexual Abuse Accountability Act

SB21-107 (Young and McLachlan)– Honoring Carrie Ann Lucas

SB21-115 (Titone, Larson)– Annual Funding for Talking Book Library Services

SB21-119 (Esgar, Geitner)– Increasing Access To High-Quality Credentials

SB21-126 (Michaelson Jenet, Soper)– Timely Credentialing Of Physicians By Insurers

SB21-129 (Ortiz)– Veteran Suicide Prevention Pilot Program

SB21-133 (Catlin, Will)– Donated Alcohol Beverages for Special Events

SB21-135 (Duran, Froelich)– Prohibit Certain Animals in Traveling Animal Act.

SB21-145 (Valdez D)– Extending Expiring Tax Check-offs

SB21-153 (Ortiz, Tipper)– Department of Corrections Offender Identification Assistance Program

SB21-155 (Amabile, Baisley)– Limited Gaming Commission Member From Gaming Area

SB21-157 (Michaelson Jenet, Baisley)– Increase Cap Charter School Moral Obligation Bonds

SB21-158 (Titone and Duran)– Increase Medical Providers For Senior Citizens

SB21-160 (Snyder)– Modification to Local Government Election Codes

SB21-162 (Snyder, Soper)– Colorado Uniform Trust Code Part 5

SB21-167 (Gray, Larson)– Regulation of Child Care Centers

SB21-169 (Ricks and Esgar)– Restrict Insurers’ Use Of External Consumer Data

SB21-174 (Cooke, Ginal)– Policies For Peace Officer Credibility Disclosures

SB21-188 (Duran, Ortiz)– Ballot access for voters with disabilities.

SB21-191 (McLachlan, McCluskie)– Residency Requirement Western Colorado University Board

SB21-192 (Amabile)– Housing Mentors In Youthful Offender Facility

SB21-193 (Herod)– Protection of Pregnant People in the Criminal Justice System

SB21-194 (Herod)– Maternal Health Providers

SB21-198 (Roberts, Bockenfeld)– Repeal Capital Construction Education Fund Report Requirement

SB21-217 (McCluskie)– Market Rate Study for Child care Assistance Program

SB21-246 (Valdez, Froelich)– Electric Utility Promote Beneficial Electrification

SB21-253 (Carver, Michaelson Jenet)– Women Veterans With Disabilities License Plate

SB21-254 (Lynch, Pico)– Eliminate Obsolete Committee Child Care Licensing

SB21-255 (Titone, Herod)– Free Menstrual Hygiene Products To Students

SB21-262 (Bird, McKean)– Special District Transparency

SB21-269 (Michaelson Jenet, Van Beber)– Licensing Of Respite Child Care Centers

SB21-270 (Valdez A, Larson)– Increase Alcohol Beverages On-premises Production

SB21-284 (Herod and Ransom)– Evidence-based Evaluations For Budget

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