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June 30, 2023

3…2…1… Happy Fiscal New Year, Colorado

House Democrats highlight critical investments that support families, communities in the new fiscal year that begins July 1, 2023

DENVER, CO –  House Democrats today released a countdown to the Fiscal New Year, highlighting critical investments for FY 2023-2024 in water, K-12 education, community behavioral health services and wildfire mitigation efforts.

“There is so much to celebrate as we begin Colorado’s new fiscal year, including investment to make Universal Preschool a reality for every preschool aged Colorado child, major increases in funding for K-12 schools and increased support to make higher education more affordable,” said JBC Vice Chair Rep. Shannon Bird, D-Westminster. “I am incredibly proud of these investments because education opens doors and changes lives. Our Fiscal New Year also includes historic increases in the Child and Earned Income Tax Credits. Together, these investments put our support for families into action, because Coloradans are counting on us to make our state a place where opportunity exists for us all.”

“It’s time to celebrate the Fiscal New Year, Colorado!,” said JBC Member Rep. Emily Sirota, D-Denver. “I’m thrilled to share some of our most impactful investments that uplift families, support communities and preserve the critical services we all rely upon. We’re proud of the work we accomplished this session to address the most pressing needs of our communities, including increasing wages for state employees by 5%, funding programs to reduce youth homelessness, boosting public K-12 per-pupil funding to $10,614, and making a $40 million investment in special education.”

House Democrats’ Countdown to the Fiscal New Year:

10.  $10,614 per pupil funding. This year’s School Finance Act increases statewide per pupil funding by 10% to make sure our K-12 students have the resources they need to succeed in school. This funding can be used to reduce classroom sizes, purchase supplies and support our teachers. 

9. $90 million toward improving Colorado’s infrastructure. This year’s state budget included nearly $90 million in state funds to attract matching federal investments in transportation, water, power, broadband, and other critical infrastructure projects across the state.

8. $80 million for behavioral health community programs. Coloradans deserve to have access to the care they need in their own communities and this investment brings us closer to closing gaps in care.

7. $700,000 for a career training program for individuals who are incarcerated. This pilot program is designed to support individuals who are incarcerated through skills training in manufacturing, electrical, and other in-demand fields. This investment facilitates skills training for Coloradans who are incarcerated, improving career-readiness after their time is served while filling workforce needs. 

6. 6 bills to protect against wildfires. Colorado Democrats passed 6 bills to increase protections for victims of wildfires and increase resiliency of our homes and communities. (Plus $36 million to improve the state’s wildfire response and mitigation efforts!)

5. 5-percent increase for state employees. This session, we worked hard to make sure Coloradoans know that our state is a great place to live and work, but it can still be tough to make ends meet. This year’s budget provides a 5-percent across-the-board increase ensuring a $15 minimum wage for every state employee. 

4. $40 million for special education funding. To support each and every student, SB23-099 invests $40 million to help schools tailor assistance for special education students to meet their learning needs. This gives schools the funds to provide a learning environment that helps all of our students reach their academic goals. 

3. 3-percent provider rate increase. Health care providers are vital to the well-being of all Coloradans, this year’s budget includes a 3-percent provider rate increase to help providers serve our communities. Additionally, SB23-093 caps medical debt interest at 3-percent to protect consumers. 

2. $2.2 million to support youth experiencing homelessness. This budget investment works to address the youth homelessness crisis across our state to keep Colorado children in safe environments.

1. 1 balanced budget that prioritizes our students, water, K-12 education, community behavioral health services, wildfire mitigation and addresses the most pressing needs in our communities. 

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