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December 16, 2020


DENVER, CO – The four Democratic members of the Legislative Audit Committee today released the following joint statement:

“Today we heard testimony from election experts, county clerks, and other bipartisan witnesses attesting to the safety and security of our elections in Colorado. We are proud to have our state’s reputation as the gold standard of election transparency and security upheld, and grateful to all the Coloradans who worked tirelessly to administer our elections in the midst of a global pandemic. Their integrity and patriotism is exemplary.

What was also apparent from the start of the hearing is that, despite unsubstantiated claims, there is no evidence to justify any allegations of election fraud. Republicans gave witnesses a platform to propagate false, dangerous, and discredited conspiracies. However, we are confident in our state’s robust post-election audit process and look forward to continuing to support county clerks in their efforts to administer the most secure elections possible. Protecting our fundamental, constitutional right to vote is paramount, and we are committed to ensuring that our elections remain accessible, safe, and transparent, regardless of attempts to undermine it. ”

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