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March 25, 2019


Froelich-Kipp bill will help consumers save money, conserve energy & water

(Mar. 25) – The House Energy and Environment committee approved a bill, sponsored by Rep. Meg Froelich, D-Englewood, and Rep. Cathy Kipp, D-Fort Collins, that would set up-to-date energy and water efficiency standards for commercial and residential products that are not already regulated under the federal government.

“Hardworking Coloradans are already saving about $500 per year from previous federal appliance standards,” said Rep. Froelich. “While product options and performances have increased, we are still finding ways that we can save people more money, better conserve our state’s water, and reduce pollution emissions all at the same time.”

HB19-1231 would set in place energy and water efficiency standards for 15 commercial and residential products for which there are no existing federal standards, saving Coloradan families their hard-earned income while preserving the overall quality of the products they purchase.

“Energy efficiency standards puts more money in the pockets of Coloradans by helping them use less energy and lower their electricity bills,” said Rep. Kipp. “Every appliance standard covered in this legislation has been shown to be cost-effective and to save consumers money.”

Setting energy efficiency standards is one of the most effective ways to reduce climate emissions. While some appliances have been voluntarily produced using the Energy Star and WaterSense labelling programs, setting appliance standards at the state level will remove the poorest-performing products from the market.

The bill passed the House Energy and Environment committee with a vote of 7-4. It now heads to the House floor.

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