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March 30, 2021


A day after voting to remove the civil statute of limitations for sexual assault, House votes to give sexual assault survivors new rights.

DENVER, CO– The House today passed a bipartisan bill sponsored by Representative Meg Froelich to give new rights to survivors of sexual assault seeking access to rape kit evidence. The vote was 64-0.

“Survivors of sexual assault who have come forward and subjected themselves to a forensic exam deserve timely answers and control over how the evidence in their case is used,” said Rep. Meg Froelich, D-Englewood. “This bill will ensure that survivors have a say in how and when rape kit evidence is processed and disposed of, and will guarantee that they stay informed throughout the process. I’m proud of the work we’ve done to stand with survivors this week.”

HB21-1143 creates new rights for survivors of sexual assault. Under the bill, survivors would have the right to be notified when forensic medical evidence is submitted for testing, when law enforcement has received the results of the analysis, and 60 days prior to the destruction of the evidence. Survivors would also have the right to object to the destruction of the evidence, to be informed of whether a DNA sample was obtained from the analysis and matched to any DNA profiles in state or federal databases, and to receive physical documentation describing their rights under the law, as well as nearby resources, after the exam has been completed.

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