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June 5, 2024

ICYMI: JOINT RELEASE: New Protections for Delivery Drivers Signed Into Law

DENVER, CO – Governor Jared Polis yesterday signed HB24-1129 into law to create new protections for delivery drivers that will support hardworking people and build an economy that works for all Coloradans. 

“Delivery apps have made big promises to Coloradans, including flexibility for workers and more choices for consumers. But too often hidden algorithms interfere with the worker autonomy that drivers in this industry so highly value,” said Rep. Stephanie Vigil, D-Colorado Springs. “From misleading incentives to faulty tip information, big tech can use deceptive practices to pressure drivers to take low-paying offers, rather than paying what they're worth. This new law will improve transparency and fairness in Colorado law to provide drivers with the information they need and deserve to make free and informed decisions about their work.”

“For delivery drivers working for companies like UberEats or GrubHub, details about fares and earnings are shrouded in mystery,” said Senator Nick Hinrichsen, D-Pueblo. “This creates uncertainty about their take home wages and can make it difficult to budget for their family. This important law increases protections for delivery drivers and holds DNCs accountable to fair wages and employment practices, just like every other industry.”

"App-based employment should not be excluded from the important protections that the labor movement has fought for to ensure the health and safety of Colorado workers," said Rep. Javier Mabrey, D-Denver. "Over 60 percent of Denver delivery app drivers rely on gig work for their main source of income. This law will provide wage transparency to workers, ensure that they receive all tips paid by consumers, establish a fair reactivation process and improve safety on the job.”

“This year, we made major strides to guarantee delivery drivers transparency around their wages and work,” said Senator Kevin Priola, D-Henderson. “Providing clear information about how much a company is making and how much a driver is taking home creates a better understanding of delivery processes for drivers and consumers alike. I’m proud to champion this law and Senate Bill 75, both of which ensure all app-based drivers receive the essential details about their work that they deserve.”

HB24-1129, sponsored by Representatives Vigil and Mabrey, and Senators Hinrichsen and Priola, aims to improve wage and task transparency by requiring specific information to be shared with gig workers of delivery network companies (DNCs), providing workers with the ability to make more informed decisions about which tasks to accept. It also requires a DNC to develop and maintain an account deactivation policy that clearly establishes procedures for deactivating a driver from the platform, allows a driver to request a reconsideration, and ensures a driver is not penalized for failing to respond to a delivery task offer. 

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