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March 19, 2024

Legislation to Strengthen Protections for Mobile Home Park Residents Passes Committee

DENVER, CO –  The House Transportation, Housing & Local Government Committee passed legislation to strengthen protections for Colorado’s mobile home park residents. HB24-1294, sponsored by Representatives Andrew Boesenecker and Elizabeth Velasco, would improve accessibility, strengthen rent-to-own contracts, and update tenant protections.

“Over the years, we’ve stepped up to improve protections for Coloradans living in mobile parks and this bill clarifies crucial components of the Mobile Home Park Act and rent-to-own contacts,” said Rep. Andrew Boesenecker, D-Fort Collins. “We’re continuing to improve protections for mobile home park residents by ensuring that both parties in a rent-to-own agreement are informed of their rights and responsibilities. We’re working to ensure that mobile homes remain affordable, and this bill protects our neighbors and keeps our communities whole.”

“We are working to improve language accessibility and housing security for those living in mobile parks across our state,” said Rep. Elizabeth Velasco, D-Glenwood Springs. “This bill would require that vital information related to lot rent increases and maintenance be posted in both English and Spanish. In addition to language accessibility, this bill also closes gaps in current law by updating tenancy and rent protections and improving transparency for rent-to-own contracts. This bill builds upon our efforts to keep mobile home park housing affordable and supports our neighbors.”

HB24-1294 passed by a vote of 8 to 3 and would close some of the remaining gaps in the Mobile Home Park Act that have left some park residents vulnerable to displacement and financial harm. Specifically, this bill would update owner and landlord responsibilities, strengthen tenant protections, ensure important park notices and meetings are accessible to Spanish speakers, and clarify the conditions of the sale of mobile homes and parks.

The bill also establishes clear provisions for rent-to-own contracts by ensuring that both parties in a “rent to own” agreement are informed of their rights and responsibilities, such as the steps to exercise a purchase option, and the refundability of payments in the event a tenancy terminates prematurely. 

To improve accessibility, this bill would require that parkwide meetings, and written notices of potential evictions or rent increases, are communicated and accessible in both English and Spanish. Additionally, this bill would clarify the circumstances when park residents are protected against rent increases. 

Colorado Democrats have passed legislation in recent years to strengthen protections for mobile home residents by improving water quality in mobile home parks (HB23-1257), expanding protections provided under the Mobile Home Park Act (HB22-1287), and creating a pathway for residents to purchase the land under their mobile home (HB20-1201).

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