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May 11, 2023

SIGNED! Brown’s Bill to Streamline Clean, Solar Energy Projects

BOULDER, CO – Governor Jared Polis today signed bipartisan legislation to make it faster, easier and less expensive for local governments to approve solar installation projects. This law, sponsored by Representatives Kyle Brown and Matt Soper, helps local governments implement free automated permitting and inspection software by establishing a grant program to offer one-time financial assistance.

“With this law, it will be easier and cheaper for Coloradans to transition to solar energy and take climate action,” said Rep. Kyle Brown, D-Louisville. “Permitting can be a huge barrier to bringing new solar energy sources online, and this legislation speeds up the permitting process, so more Coloradans can begin powering their homes with clean, renewable energy. Streamlining this permitting process saves local governments and their residents time and money, cuts bureaucratic red tape and boosts the transition to renewable energy.”

HB23-1234, establishes the Streamlined Solar Permitting and Inspection Grant Program to assist local governments with the start-up costs associated with implementing free automated permitting and inspection software. This program would offer one-time financial assistance to implement the software, helping local governments to review and approve residential solar projects faster. Automating the permit and inspection process will reduce costs for consumers and local governments and accelerate Colorado’s transition to clean energy.

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