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February 13, 2023

Titone Statement on Defeated Anti-Trans Bill

DENVER, CO – Representative Brianna Titone, D-Arvada, today released the following statement on anti-trans legislation defeated by Democrats on the State, Civic, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee:

“It is infuriating that trans people, their families and allies must come to the Capitol to advocate against legislation that targets our community just months after a shooter attacked LGBTQ Coloradans at Club Q – violence incited in part by dangerous rhetoric elevated by politicians with platforms. While Colorado is long past being known as ‘the hate state,’ GOP lawmakers continue to sponsor dangerous legislation that would harm trans youth. Laws like these give legitimacy to the hateful rhetoric and increase bullying, physical assaults on trans youth, and rates of suicide and self harm.  

“Across the country, Republican-led state legislatures are attacking LGBTQ people and passing laws that endanger trans lives by legislating away their existence. From furries in classrooms to claims of voter fraud, discredited conspiracies are fueling Republican bills that are nothing more than solutions in search of problems that don’t exist. We won’t let them pass in Colorado. House Democrats will continue to govern responsibly, focus on the most pressing needs in our communities, and defend our freedoms and democracy.”

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