‘North Dakota Can Take Care of Its Own Stuff’

(April 24) – Rep. Jeni Arndt’s bill to allow Colorado to stop being a dumping ground for other states’ radioactive materials won preliminary approval in the House tonight.

Currently, Colorado’s lax laws on radioactive waste storage make it a destination of choice for North Dakota and other states looking to dump radioactive materials, either naturally occurring or in concentrated form. HB18-1215 requires the state Department of Public Health and Environment to collect data and develop permanent rules tightening standards for sourcing and storage of radioactive materials.

“Coloradans love our clean air, clean water and unspoiled countryside,” Rep. Arndt said. “Let’s keep it that way and not put our Colorado way of life in jeopardy by developing a reputation for being a dumping ground for other states’ radioactive wastes. North Dakota can take care of its own stuff.”

After a recorded vote, HB18-1215 will go to the state Senate.



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