Open for Business: House Committee Approves Bill Taking the Squeeze Off of Kids Lemonade Stands

(Mar. 6) – The House Business Affairs and Labor committee approved a bipartisan bill sponsored by Rep. James Coleman, D-Denver, to allow children to operate a temporary business – such as a lemonade stand – without a license.

“We need to encourage these kidpreneurs and allow their creativity to flow,” said Rep. Coleman. “This bill started with an incident on Memorial Day involving a lemonade stand. Ultimately, this bill will allow our children to cut through the red tape to build new skills and experiences or to raise money for a good cause.”

SB19-103 would allow small, temporary businesses such as lemonade stands, snow removal, and other kid-owned businesses across Colorado to operate without licensing requirements. These businesses must operate for fewer than 84 days each year and be located at a proper distance from other businesses to avoid unfair competition.

The bill arose from an incident last Memorial Day with a family with three young boys who tried to have a lemonade stand but were shut down by police due to the lack of a license. The House co-prime sponsor is Terri Carver, R-El Paso. The bill passed unanimously through the Senate with sponsors Sen. Angela Williams, D-Denver, and Sen. Jack Tate, R-Centennial.

The bill passed out of the House Business Affairs and Labor committee with unanimous bipartisan support. It now heads to the House floor.

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