Organ Donor Bill Honors Former Rep. John Buckner

(March 1) – A bill to continue an organ donation awareness program passed the House this morning after it was amended to honor former Rep. John W. Buckner.

Rep. Janet P. Buckner, D-Aurora, sponsored HB17-1027 to honor her late husband, who was an organ and tissue donor after his death in May 2015. The amendment, introduced by Rep. Dan Pabon, D-Denver, came as a surprise to Rep. Buckner, though she said she knew something was up when she saw her daughter Jennifer in the chamber this morning.

In an emotional moment, Rep. Buckner came to the well to say her tears were tears of joy. “I am now at peace,” she told the House.

The bill that was sent unanimously to the Senate concerns a program that will forever be known as the Emily Keyes and John W. Buckner Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Fund.

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