Pabon on Trustee Resignations: ‘The System Worked’

July 11, 2012

(Denver) – Reacting to the announcement yesterday that the state’s 10 governor-appointed public trustees had resigned, Rep. Dan Pabon (D-Denver) said his bill to improve oversight of the appointed trustees “has done its job.”

“This year I sponsored, and Gov. Hickenlooper signed, legislation to increase the transparency and accountability of the 10 governor-appointed trustees,” Rep. Pabon said. “This law was intended to create accountability and oversight. I would like to know why these trustees resigned and work with the governor to ensure that our public trust remains strong. If some or all of these trustees seek and receive reappointment after a thorough vetting process, the new law has done its job. The system worked.

Each Colorado county has a public trustee who oversees foreclosures and other real-estate transactions. In 54 of the 64 counties, the public trustee’s function is performed by the county treasurer. In the other 10, the trustee is appointed by the governor.

House Bill 12-1329, which was sponsored by Rep. Pabon with Rep. Ray Scott (R-Grand Junction), approved by the legislature with broad bipartisan support and signed by the governor in May, makes the appointed trustees subject to the state procurement code for any purchase of $20,000 or more, requires an annual audit of each appointed trustee and subjects their budgets to review by their county commissioners.

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