Pabon’s Bill to Continue Doing What’s Been Done for Decades Passes Committee

(Jan. 31) – A bill to modernize statute in accordance with current practice in regards to Denver County’s public trustee passed the House Local Government Committee today unanimously.

HB13-1051, sponsored by Rep. Dan Pabon (D-Denver), changes a conflict dealing with the Public Trustee in Denver County to reflect what is currently in practice.

“The bill is a quick, easy statute fix,” Rep. Pabon said. “It’s a good government bill to modernize our archaic law to reflect current practice.”

Current law states the governor appoints the public trustee of counties in the first class category. Denver County is the only county in that category, but Denver’s charter provides that the clerk and recorder is the public trustee. This bill eliminates this conflict by recognizing that Denver’s public trustee is an officer under the city’s charter.

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