Pace Calls for Halt to SDS Construction:

Says Water Project Hazardous Unless Colorado Springs Addresses Storm water Issues  

 June 18, 2012

(Denver) – Citing continuing concerns over the potential for flooding along Fountain Creek caused by the Southern Delivery System water project, Rep. Sal Pace (D-Pueblo) called on the City of Colorado Springs today to halt construction of the project until the city comes up with an adequate solution for its water runoff.

The Southern Delivery System is a 62-mile pipeline being built from Pueblo Reservoir to a new reservoir in Colorado Springs. Water owned by Colorado Springs will be piped north from Pueblo to augment the Springs’ water system. Colorado Springs officials describe it as critical to the city’s future growth. But because the entire Colorado Springs metro area watershed drains into Fountain Creek, any increase in water consumption in the Springs would threaten Pueblo, which sits on the confluence of Fountain Creek and the Arkansas River.

Colorado Springs created a Stormwater Enterprise to mitigate these impacts, but the enterprise was killed after failing in a voter referendum in 2009.

“According to your own environmental documents, the SDS will increase Fountain Creek flows by 40 percent,” Rep. Pace said in his letter today to Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach. “That increase will now take place without the protections in place that your city promised when you submitted the project to the Bureau of Reclamation for environmental review.”

“I call on Colorado Springs to immediately halt any construction of the Southern Delivery System until a permanent stormwater solution is found for your community that is comparable in scope to the Enterprise eliminated in 2009,” Rep. Pace wrote. “Temporarily stopping the project is the least that your city can do to guarantee the protections downstream communities morally and legally deserve.”

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