Pay Transparency Act Passes House

(March 29) – The Pay Transparency Act, sponsored by Reps. Jessie Danielson and Joe Salazar, passed the House with a bipartisan 40-25 vote on third reading this morning. HB16-1156 expands protection to all employees in the state who wish to discuss wages with their coworkers in order to promote transparency and end pay discrimination.

“This is one more way to promote equal pay for equal work,” said Rep. Danielson, D-Wheat Ridge. “One way for employees to determine if they are being paid fairly is by talking to each other. This bill protects employees, upholds the right to free speech, and improves employee morale.”

“Employees should have the right to discuss their wages,” said Rep. Salazar, D-Thornton. “This bill allows municipal, county, and state employees to discuss their wages without fear of retaliation.”

Under current state law, some employers are exempt from the state prohibition of retaliation against employees who share wage information. This bill removes this exception so that the prohibition applies to all employers in the state.

The 40-25 vote sends the bill to the Senate. This is the third equal pay bill to pass the House this session.

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