Pettersen, Winter Fighting for Fair Pay From the Start

(March 24) – The House gave voice-vote approval this morning to Fair Pay from the Start, sponsored by Reps. Brittany Pettersen and Faith Winter. HB16-1166 gives employers a choice—they must post a salary range for any available position or they are prohibited from asking a candidate’s salary history.

Republican opposition started a contentious debate on the floor. Eight Republican members of the House spoke from the well against the bill, some multiple times.

“This bill is not only important for women but millennials who started their careers during the Great Recession and started their salaries on unequal footing,” said Rep. Brittany Pettersen, D-Lakewood. “This bill is an important first step to achieve equal pay for equal work. Allowing potential employees to disclose their salary requirements and not their pay history ensures they will not be bound by past inequities.”

“Since this bill has been introduced, we’ve heard from women across the state about how they have been harmed by the perpetuation of low salaries,” said Rep. Winter, D-Westminster. “This bill ensures that when there is a pay gap, it is not perpetuated your entire life and your salary is based on experience, background, and qualifications. We cannot wait while generations of women are being paid less than they deserve.”

Fair Pay from the Start now proceeds to a third reading vote.

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