Pettersen’s Open Government Bill Passes First Test

(Jan. 30) – Rep. Brittany Pettersen (D-Lakewood) saw her first hearing on her first bill come to a successful conclusion today when the House Local Government Committee unanimously approved her measure to modernize the procedure for honoring requests under the Colorado Open Records Act.

HB13-1041 bars custodians of public records from requiring that people requesting documents under CORA actually show up in person to collect their request. Under the bill the records custodian may use the post office “or by any other practicable means of delivery.”

The bill also bans any fee for delivering CORAed documents by e-mail. The actual cost of preparing the documents is still the requester’s responsibility.

“Information about our state government should be available without cost whenever possible,” Rep. Pettersen said. “This bill seeks to increase efficiency, reduce costs and make government more transparent.”

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