Preparing Students for Success in the New Economy

(Aug. 8) – A new law to bolster computer science education in Colorado schools is formally going into effect on Wednesday, the 90th day after the end of the 2017 legislative session and just in time for the new school year.

HB17-1184, sponsored by Speaker Duran and Senate President Kevin Grantham, R-Cañon City, aims to increase the focus on computer science and digital literacy in our schools, to help ensure that students will be well-prepared for good jobs in Colorado’s emerging high-tech economy. The new law creates a resource bank of materials and teacher resources to assist in the teaching of computer science and digital literacy in our classrooms and directs the Department of Education to expand state standards for information and communications technologies education.

An original component of the new law which was ultimately funded through the School Finance Act creates a grant program to help teachers access postsecondary education and training in computer science.

“It is critical to help connect our students to the good-paying jobs our high-tech sector is producing right now,” Speaker Duran said. “This new law is good for parents who want to make sure their kids have access to computer science and digital literacy classes, good for kids who want to reach their full potential and good for our economy by making sure we have a skilled workforce ready to enter our fastest-growing industries.”

Thousands of good-paying jobs in Colorado that require computer science skills are going unfilled because our students aren’t getting enough training in computer science and digital literacy.

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