Primavera Supporting Health Care and Putting People Back to Work

(April 5) – Rep. Dianne Primavera, D-Broomfield, passed two bills out of committee today that will improve health care for heart attack patients and put more people back to work.
HB16-1357 implements recommendations from the STEMI Task Force, which was designed to improve the quality of care to patients who suffer heart attacks. The bill will lead to better coordination of data on heart attacks and creates the Heart Attack Advisory Committee in the Department of Public Health & Environment.

“Heart disease is the number one cause of death for women and men,” said Rep. Primavera. “This bill implements important recommendations and will lead to better cardiac care for residents of Colorado.”

The bill passed 10-3 and continues to the House floor.

The second bill up today by Rep. Primavera creates the Colorado Work Opportunity Tax Credit, which would support businesses that hire certain employees—such as veterans, families on welfare, and long-term unemployment beneficiaries—who encounter obstacles in obtaining employment and who claim one or more forms of government support.

“This tax credit was created to address the problems of chronically unemployed people who sincerely want to work but need help to get that foot in the door,” said Rep. Primavera. “The goal is to help Coloradans move from economic dependency to self-sufficiency.”

The bill passed 7-6 and will proceed to the House Finance Committee.

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