Recognizing the Work of STEM Students


(March 15) – A bill from Rep. James Coleman, D- Denver, passed out of the House Education Committee 12-0 today which will allow Colorado school districts to grant students a diploma endorsement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to a graduating high school student who has proved mastery in the field.

“As we are well aware, Colorado is experiencing a population boom driven in part by many high-tech industry jobs that are being filled by out-of-staters,” said Rep. Coleman. “The need is clear for our state to ensure that we are offering our Colorado students the chance to show post-secondary institutions and employers that they have built the foundation to succeed in these high-paying jobs.”

Rep. Coleman highlighted that the stakeholder process to create the bill brought together local districts and businesses to help design the criteria for the endorsement.

“In doing so, we encouraged industry to take a role in promoting the skills needed for the jobs of the future within specific areas of the state, which we hope will encourage local talent to stay local,” he said.

HB17-1201 identifies the requirements a student must satisfy to be eligible to receive the endorsement, including at least four courses, achieving specific scores on STEM-related assessments, and completing a final capstone project.

The unanimous vote sends the bill to the House floor.


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