Rep. Coleman’s Bill to Prepare Workers for Good Paying Jobs Passes House

Bill would help Colorado’s low-income population obtain and retain jobs

(Apr. 26) – The House gave preliminary approval to Rep. James Coleman’s bill to create an employment support and job retention services program within the Division of Employment and Training in the Department of Labor and Employment.

“We need to help the people in our community who are living at or under the federal poverty line keep and be prepared for their jobs,” said Rep. Coleman, D-Denver. “Job security can pull many people out of the poverty cycle, keep a roof over the heads of families, and keep people safe. We need to do everything we can to increase and strengthen our workforce. ”

HB19-1107 requires the director of the division to contract with an entity to administer the program. The program provides reimbursements for employment support, job training, job searching and job retention services to eligible individuals statewide. Eligible expenses include funds for emergency child care, transportation, work clothes or tools, and other supports explicitly related to an individual’s employment goals. Benefits are capped at $400 per individual, per year.

The bill passed on a voice-vote. It will be given a final vote at a later date.

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