Rep. Ferrandino Extends His Condolences to Sen. Steadman

September 16, 2012

(Denver) – Rep. Mark Ferrandino (D-Denver) extended his condolences today to Sen. Pat Steadman (D-Denver), who lost his longtime partner, Dave Misner, to cancer.

“Today we remember Dave Misner, an amazing father and family man who was full of life and laughter. He filled all those around him with joy and happiness and always brightened up people’s days, whether they were close friends, family or acquaintances,” Rep. Ferrandino said.

“Dave was the loving partner of Senator Pat Steadman for the past 11 years. Dave was a strong supporter of Pat’s work at the Capitol, often visiting him on the floor of the Senate and attending events with him.

“It has been remarkable to see our extended community rally around Dave and Pat.  I’ve personally been touched as I’ve witnessed the overwhelming support my two dear friends have received over these last few months as they struggled together to fight Dave’s pancreatic cancer.

“Dave and Pat’s fight was more public than what many committed couples experience. And while their relationship and love was cherished by so many people, Dave’s struggle is also a stark reminder that our state does not provide all committed couples with adequate and equal protections. That fact is especially apparent when loving families like Dave and Pat’s are faced with immense challenges.

“Dave retained his sense of humor, dignity and remarkable grace to the end.  His memory will continue to provide an inspiration to Pat, his children and people like me as we continue to fight for all Coloradans to be viewed as equal in the eyes of the law.”

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