Republicans Suspend House Business to Attend Partisan Press Conference

January 26, 2012

(Denver) – House Republicans showed their true priorities today when they chose to play petty partisan games instead of the job their constituents elected them to do.

In the middle of doing floor work, Speaker Frank McNulty recessed the House for over 20 minutes so Republican members could hold a press conference in the State Capitol criticizing President Obama in advance of his visit to Denver later today.

Minority Leader Mark Ferrandino said the Republicans had interrupted the work of the House for purely partisan purposes.

“To suspend the work we are elected and paid to do for partisan pandering is outrageous,” Rep. Ferrandino said. “Coloradans want us to be working together to find practical solutions facing the state, especially putting Coloradans back to work. Grandstanding and playing politics on the taxpayers’ dime doesn’t create jobs.”

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