Right to Medication = Right to Education

(April 20) – A bill by Rep. Jonathan Singer, D-Longmont, to allow medical, non-smokeable marijuana to be administered in schools to students needing such medication passed the House with bipartisan support on second reading this morning.

HB16-1373 allows a parent or primary caregiver to possess and administer medical marijuana in a non-smokeable form to a student on school property. There are about 350 students in Colorado who are registered to use medical cannabis for the treatment of six qualifying conditions including cancer and seizures. They must have two doctors’ recommendations and be approved by the Colorado Department of Public Health. School staff is not required to administer and students are not allowed to possess the medical marijuana.

“We’ve heard from kids with debilitating conditions who no longer want to choose between their medication and their education,” said Rep. Singer. “No one should have to make that choice and this bill protects students’ rights to both.”

The bill proceeds to a third reading.

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