Speaker Duran’s School Safety Bill Signed by Hickenlooper

(May 16) – Governor Hickenlooper signed Speaker Crisanta Duran and Rep. Marc Catlin’s bill today to improve and increase school safety by investing in technology to allow for seamless communications between schools and first responders in the event of an emergency.

“When there is an emergency situation at a school, every second counts,” said Speaker Duran, D-Denver. “This bill will help ensure that our schools and our first responders have the tools they need to act promptly and effectively.”

SB18-158 was part of a broader package of bills brought forward this session to invest in school safety measures, including Rep. Bridges’ SB18-269, which establishes a $30 million grant program for school safety-related capital construction projects, for threat assessments, and for emergency response training for school staff; Rep. Lee’s HB18-1413, which establishes a grant program to train school safety incident response teams; and Rep. McLachlan’s HB 1416, which would have helped schools develop suicide prevention policies and training programs.

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