Standing Up for Protection of Pregnant Women

(Jan. 28) – Reps. Mike Foote (D-Lafayette) and Claire Levy (D-Boulder) introduced a bill today that will give prosecutors the ability to bring additional charges against a perpetrator whose criminal conduct  causes a woman to lose her pregnancy.

The bill, HB13-1154, creates a new category of crimes involving “unlawful termination of a pregnancy.”

But unlike a bill defeated today in the House State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee, the Foote-Levy “Crimes Against Pregnant Women” bill is not a Trojan horse for personhood, and includes the input of law enforcement and groups including Planned Parenthood.

“This bill addresses a need in criminal law, but in a way that protects women’s reproductive freedoms,” Rep. Foote said.

HB13-1032, by Rep. Janak Joshi (R-Colorado Springs), was unchanged from a bill brought in the 2012 session. It would have allowed prosecutors to bring homicide or assault charges against anyone who causes death or injury to “an unborn member of the species homo sapiens” while committing some other crime.

The bill would have effectively conferred “personhood” on fetuses. Proposed constitutional amendments to grant “personhood” have been rejected twice by Colorado voters.

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