Statement from House Speaker KC Becker and Majority Leader Alec Garnett on the Highlands Ranch School Shooting

(May 8) – House Speaker KC Becker and Majority Leader Alec Garnett issue a statement on the Highlands Ranch School Shooting:

“Our hearts break for the victims of the shooting in Highlands Ranch and their families. We are thankful to our first responders but tragically, a life was lost and the lives of many of these children – some as young as five or six – will never be the same. We are still learning more about this situation but what we do know is that Coloradans should not be forced to live with this reality. Students should be concentrating on their education – not active shooter drills. Like many parents, we are deeply concerned about the lasting effects these violent and tragic events will have on our children, their classmates and our communities. And like many parents, we are heartbroken by once again having to talk to our children about mass shootings. Coloradans must refuse to live with the status quo. The state legislature has pursued solutions to gun violence and mental health and will continue to do so to address this crisis, but Washington must also step up to do its job to keep our communities safe.”

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