Successful Debut for ‘Demographic Notes’ Legislation

(March 13) – A bill to include a people-oriented analysis of select bills introduced in the legislature cleared its first hurdle today.

HB17-1191, sponsored by Majority Leader KC Becker, D-Boulder, and Rep. Leslie Herod, D-Denver, would allow legislators to order “demographic notes” on up to 20 bills per session. Leaders of the four legislative caucuses could request such reports on up to five bills each.

Demographic notes would be prepared by Legislative Council staff, much as fiscal notes now are. But instead of assessing the financial impact of a bill, a demographic note would show how a bill would impact certain specific populations in Colorado.

“This legislation is focused on how we can make more informed decisions,” Majority Leader Becker told the committee. “If what you really want to see is how a piece of legislation would impact rural Colorado, or seniors, or minorities, you can get that with this bill.”

“Demographic notes will add value to our deliberations in the General Assembly,” Rep. Herod said. “It will produce better legislation, and that’s a goal we should all strive for.”

The Finance Committee voted 7-5 to send HB17-1191 to the Appropriations Committee.

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