TABOR Refund? Take It or Leave It

(April 28) – A bill to let individual Colorado taxpayers make a statement in the ongoing debate over the fate of TABOR refunds won bipartisan final passage in the House this morning.

Under the constitutional provisions of the Taxpayers Bill of Rights, the state government has hit its spending limit, state services are capped and refunds are due to Colorado taxpayers, beginning next year. HB15-1374, sponsored by Reps. Lois Court, D-Denver, and Beth McCann, D-Denver, will allow taxpayers to check a box on their Colorado tax returns to let the state keep all or part of their TABOR refund.

“We want the taxpayers to decide whether to keep their TABOR refund or use it to support basic services like K-12 education and transportation,” Rep. Court said. “A TABOR refund checkoff is one way to let the people decide.”

“The average TABOR refund is estimated to be $10,” Rep. McCann said. “That may not seem like much to the average Colorado household, but if you multiply it by tens of thousands of taxpayers, the checkoff could be a significant source of funding for essential state services.”

The House voted 45-19 to send the bill to the Senate

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