Taxpayers, Transparency and Transportation

(April 22) – A bill by Rep. Max Tyler, D-Lakewood, to empower taxpayers to have input on transportation priorities and ways to fund them passed the House on second reading this afternoon.

“This bill seeks to get input from the people of Colorado as best we can by visiting each of the Transportation Planning Regions in the state and having a meeting about what citizens’ priorities are and how to fund those priorities,” said Rep. Tyler. “This bill is a way to hear directly from taxpayers where they want their dollars to go. It’s a grassroots approach to solving our transportation issues.”

HB16-1304 requires CDOT to hold at least one community meeting about transportation planning and funding in each of the 15 Transportation Planning Regions (TPRs) by October of this year. There would be extensive public notice in advance of each community meeting.

A representative from each TPR will develop a report ranking their region’s top transportation priorities. CDOT’s executive director will compile the regional reports into a statewide report, ranking top transportation priorities and preferred funding mechanisms, and present that report to the Legislature.

The bill continues to the House floor for third reading.

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