Donald Valdez


Donald Valdez is a Colorado House Representative for District 62. What Colorado needs in these uncertain times is continued steady guidance and values rooted in rural Colorado.

Donald is here to give a voice to all that understand the unique differences of living in rural America — living close to the land and celebrating our rugged individualism. As your representative, he will be here with you — shoulder to shoulder to face whatever challenges come our way. We will plan and we will pivot for contingencies to meet the needs of our institutions, small businesses, communities, and most importantly our families — so that we ALL remain strong together.

Representative Valdez has served on multiple committees during the legislative sessions.

In 2017, Representative Valdez served on the Agriculture, Livestock, and Natural Resources Committee and the Local Government Committee.

Currently Representative Valdez serves as on the Rural Affairs and Agriculture Committee, the Transportation and Local Government Committee, and the Statutory Advisory Committee.

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Donald Valdez