Edie Hooton


As the daughter of a country doctor who helped establish one of the first Planned Parenthoods in Vermont, and a mother who was a feminist and community leader, Edie was raised with the understanding that we have an obligation to serve those in need and to actively improve the quality of life in our communities. She has carried this understanding into her life’s work, in both the private and public sectors. A successful advocate for progressive candidates and causes, civic leader, and mother of two, she has focused her energy and experience on reproductive rights, climate action, affordable housing, access to quality education for all, and working to increase voter participation in the election process.

Edie was a legislative aide in the US Senate and the Alaska State Legislature in the 70s and 80s during a time when both parties worked together to find common ground. As a State Representative from Boulder, House District 10, she brings the same spirit of bipartisanship to the State Capitol. She serves in a leadership role as the Majority Caucus Chair and Vice Chair of the Energy and Environment Committee. She also serves on the Committees for Transportation and Local Government, Statutory Revision, and Emergency Preparedness. Edie listens to the people she represents, and knows the best solutions come through cooperation and collaboration.

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Edie Hooton