Kyle Mullica

House Majority Co-Whip


Representative Kyle Mullica represents District 34 and is House Majority Co-Whip. He serves on the House Health & Insurance Committee, the House Business Affairs & Labor Committee, and Legislative Council.

Born and raised in Thornton, Kyle Mullica was the only child to a single mother who worked two jobs to make ends meet. He witnessed his mother work tirelessly, though it was never enough to put dinner on the table and keep a roof over their heads.

These experiences put a fight in Rep. Mullica’s heart to ensure that other families don’t have to endure the same struggles his family did. As a Daniels scholar he graduated from the University of Denver in 2008 with a degree in Real Estate/Finance. Seeking to serve others, Rep. Mullica entered the nonprofit industry to help families suffering from homelessness. While working with vulnerable populations he discovered his passion for medicine and helping people in their most difficult times. This led him to pursue his nursing degree, and now serves as a trauma nurse in the emergency department collaborating with his medical team to save patient lives.

Rep. Mullica is proud that he and his wife Julie are raising their kids just a few miles from where they both grew up. In order to make sure that his family had a stable and safe community to grow up in, he ran for Northglenn City Council. He has worked relentlessly to improve the quality of life in Northglenn; he stood strong on issues of fiscal responsibility and championed efforts to support working class families.

Since first being elected to the state house, Rep. Mullica has been committed to ensuring that every member of his community is able to enjoy healthy lives and to achieve their American dream. In his first term, he sponsored legislation to address the youth vaping epidemic, to strengthen workers' rights, and to protect our children from preventable diseases.

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Kyle Mullica