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Sheila Leider


Representative Sheila Lieder is a lifelong champion for working Coloradans. She has worked hard her whole life to put food on her family’s table while helping others do the same. She was laid off from the phone company a month shy of 38 years. She has been an active advocate at the State Capitol for years, working on behalf of her seniors and fellow telecom workers for job security, better pay and working conditions.

Additionally, she has been active in her community for decades, including as a Labor Merit Badge Coordinator for the Boy Scout of America, where her son is an Eagle Scout. A longtime volunteer with the Colorado Alliance for Retired Americans (CARA), Retirees Member Council (RMC-CWA) and currently a member of the Tri-County Workforce Development Board. She is a lifetime member of the Jefferson County Democratic Latino Initiative ( JDLI) and she has been elected to her Homeowner’s Association as President and Vice President for over a decade. She is not a politician, she is a JEFFCO Mom. Representative Sheila Lieder believes you are either part of the problem or part of the solution and she tries to be part of the solution bringing people together, because TOGETHER IS BETTER!

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Sheila Leider
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