Tracey Bernett


Representative Tracey Bernett’s dedication to help others and fight for a better future is what led to her election as House District 12’s State Representative in November 2020. This is her first term as an elected official.

With a BS in engineering from Cornell University and Harvard MBA, Tracey has been a committed leader from early on in her life. Before her venture into state politics, she owned her own computer consulting company, worked in the computer, aerospace/defense, and construction industries, and committed to her most important role- mom. As a parent to a child with severe asthma, her drive to tackle climate change and environmental issues heightened after her son had several severe asthma attacks due to climate change related incidents.

Improving her community has always been an important venture to Tracey. She led the OUR Center’s homeless efforts during the Great Recession, helping more than 16,000 area families get back on their feet and spearheaded the effort to revitalize the Butterfly Pavilion. She ran her campaign prioritizing three main issues: environment, education, and equity and will continue to prioritize those important issues throughout her time as a State Legislator.

Tracey currently sits on the Energy & Environment Committee, the State, Civic, Military & Veteran Affairs Committee, and the Joint Technology Committee.

In her free time, Tracey enjoys training as a world class runner and working toward the next world track competition. She is also an avid backpacker, gardener, and most of all loves spending quality time with her 2 kids and husband at their home in Longmont.

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Tracey Bernett