Three Primavera Bills Become Law

(June 2) – Governor Hickenlooper signed three bills sponsored by Rep. Primavera, D-Broomfield, into law yesterday, expanding access to quality health care services in our state.

The first of Rep. Primavera’s bill signed yesterday, HB 16-1387 will require insurance companies to cover medically prescribed foods for newborns and children with severe protein allergies. Special amino acid-based baby formula for these children costs $3,000 to $5,000 per year.
“Working middle-class families who have children with these protein allergies struggle enormously to ensure their kids get enough nutrition to survive when their insurance won’t cover the formula, said Rep. Primavera. “This bill will ensure that these parents are able to help their kids grow up healthy without breaking the bank.”

The second bill signed yesterday enhances how physicians and physician assistants work together by clarifying what duties a physician may delegate to a physician assistant. SB 16-158 improves access to care in underserved communities within the structure of the Colorado Medical Practice Act. Both of these bills were signed at Children’s Hospital in Broomfield.

“Physician assistants are key to expanding access to quality health care in Colorado, said Rep. Primavera. “By passing this bill, we hope to foster greater collaboration and to enhance the quality of care for patients.”

Signed later in the day at Arapahoe House in Thornton, SB16-027 allows Medicaid patients to receive their medication through the mail. Patients will still be able to pick up medications at their local pharmacy if they choose to do so.

“This law increases options for clients to get their medications in a way that’s convenient for them,” said Rep. Primavera. “Research shows that people who receive their chronic health medications through the mail are more likely to take their prescriptions consistently, which is important for their overall health.”

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