Transparency in Health Care Prices Act Passes House

(March 24) – A bipartisan bill by Rep. Susan Lontine, D-Denver, to increase transparency around prices for common health care services passed with a 51-9 vote this morning.

“This is about transparency in health care,” said Rep. Lontine. “With this bill, our providers and health care facilities would post their rates for various services in a user-friendly way on a website or in a waiting room so that folks can see how much things cost. This will help Coloradans to compare costs and help us as lawmakers to understand health care costs.”

SB17-065, the Transparency in Health Care Prices Act, requires health care professionals and health care facilities to make available to the public the health care prices they assess directly for common health care services they provide, either in the facility or on a website. This will help consumers know costs ahead of time and compare prices while also creating transparency for policymakers.

The bill now goes back to the Senate for consideration of House amendments.

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