Two Workforce Bills Pass the House

(March 25) – The Employment Opportunity Act and The Family Care Act of 2013 passed the House today.

SB13-018, sponsored in the House by Rep. Randy Fischer (D-Fort Collins), will remove an arbitrary barrier to employment by restricting the use of consumer credit information by employers. Employers may not request a prospective or current employee’s credit information or use consumer credit information to evaluate the employee unless the person being evaluated is currently, or will be, in a management position related to financial information or a contract involving national security.

“Credit information is not an indicator or predictor of employment success,” Rep. Fischer said. “This is about getting Coloradans back to work. Many folks hit hard times in the Great Recession, and with over 200,000 Coloradans facing unemployment, we should not be preventing them from gaining employment because of their credit history.”

HB13-1222, sponsored by Rep. Cherylin Peniston (D-Westminster), will expand the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to include partners in a civil union and domestic partners.

“Colorado families look differently today than they did 20 years ago,” Rep. Peniston said. “With Civil Unions signed into law last week, it is only fitting we expand our family medical leave laws to reflect these Colorado families. This modest expansion will allow Coloradans’ jobs to be protected when they are faced with a serious illness of a significant other.”

SB13-018 passed on a party-line vote with all Republicans voting against, and HB13-1222 passed with all Democrats plus Rep. Amy Stephens (R-Monument) voting in favor. Business groups were not in opposition to either bill.

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