Unanimous Approval for Disability Trusts

(April 3) – A bill by Reps. Dafna Michaelson Jenet and Dave Young to allow Coloradans with disabilities to establish and fund their own disability trust earned final approval from the House with a 63-0 vote this morning.

“This is a very important bill to create opportunity for those Coloradans with disabilities who have the ability to set aside funds for their everyday living,” said Rep. Michaelson Jenet, D-Commerce City.

“We had a self-advocate from the Greeley area come to testify on the bill in committee who spoke about how this afforded him the opportunity to take control of his life,” said Rep. Young, D-Greeley. “And when there’s an opportunity to provide people who are seeking to be a part of their community and take more control of their lives, we should take advantage of that.”

HB17-1280 allows persons with disabilities who have income to establish or contribute to their own trust without impacting their Medicaid eligibility. Currently, only a parent, grandparent, guardian or the court can establish a disability trust. Special needs trust funds are commonly used to pay for personal care attendants, home furnishings, out-of-pocket medical and dental expenses, education, vehicles, and physical rehabilitation.

The bill proceeds to the Senate.

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