Unanimous Approval for Wage Theft Transparency Act

(Feb. 16) – A bill by Rep. Jessie Danielson, D-Wheat Ridge, to shine a light on employers who have violated wage laws passed the House Judiciary committee this afternoon on a unanimous 11-0 vote.

“Most employers treat their employees well and recognize that hard work should be compensated fairly,” said Rep. Danielson. “But because of a hundred-year-old law, the few bad actors who commit wage theft are protected from public scrutiny. This bill will change that and protect workers and good businesses across the state.”

Wage theft refers to a situation where an employer requires an employee to work off the clock, does not pay overtime or commits other labor law violations. Currently, the law treats wage theft as a “trade secret” and the public can never know about it. As a result, bad actors are shielded and less likely to stop cheating their employees. Not only that, but they are competing against the companies and employers who treat their workers fairly.

HB17-1021, the Wage Theft Transparency Act, allows information about wage theft to be publicly available.

The bill now proceeds to the House floor for second reading.

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