Unanimous Support for Ferrandino’s State Personnel Reform

March 21, 2012

(Denver) – House Democratic Leader Mark Ferrandino’s program to reform and modernize Colorado’s state personnel system won unanimous House approval today.

HB12-1321 and HCR12-1001, sponsored by Reps. Ferrandino (D-Denver) and Glenn Vaad (R-Mead), would make a wide range of changes to the personnel system, from expanding the competitive hiring process to implementing merit pay to limiting the “bumping” of state workers.

It has been more than 90 years since the state personnel system was overhauled.

Rep. Ferrandino’s reform includes statutory and constitutional changes. The proposed constitutional changes in HCR12-1001 require a two-thirds majority of both House and Senate and would then be placed before the voters in November.

“We have a wonderful state workforce, full of dedicated professionals,” Rep. Ferrandino said. “Our goal is to keep it that way. The unanimous support of the House sends a strong signal that the time has come to modernize the state personnel system.”

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