Vigil’s Veterans Cemetery Extension Bill Takes First Step

(April 24) – A bill that will extend the Homelake Military Veterans Cemetery passed the House State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee unanimously today.

SB13-040, sponsored in the House by Rep. Ed Vigil (D-Alamosa), modifies the definition of the Homelake Military Veterans Cemetery to include three distinct expansion areas: the northwest triangular area, the northeast triangular area, and the north triangular area.

“Our veterans should be granted their last wish to be buried in the Homelake Military Veterans Cemetery,” Rep. Vigil said. “This bill will increase the capacity for the cemetery, allowing more of our heroes to rest in the place they desire.”

The Department of Human Services must develop a phased plan for cemetery expansion by Jan. 1, 2014. The phased plan must be capable of incremental implementation as funding becomes available, and must provide sufficient capacity to conduct 15 interments at HMVC each year. The DHS must complete expansion of the cemetery into the northwest and northeast triangular areas by July 1, 2014, such that burial plots are available in each area.

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