Water Conservation Measure Moves Forward

(Jan. 28) –A bill to allow municipalities and counties to implement a graywater program passed the House Agriculture Committee unanimously today.

HB13-1044, sponsored by Rep. Randy Fischer (D-Fort Collins), directs the Water Quality Control Center to establish requirements, prohibitions and standards for graywater use. Graywater is the lightly used water from bathtub, shower and laundry facilities, excluding toilets and kitchen sinks. Use of residential graywater could conserve as much as 30 percent of water.

Nineteen other states have graywater policies implemented, along with all states in the Western United States except Colorado.

Rep. Fischer, who has been working on the legislation for two years, said he was glad all the stakeholders came together to pass this important legislation.

“The use of graywater has been proven effective in many other states and will help Colorado conserve its water,” Rep. Fischer said. “Water is our most precious resource and this is one of the many steps we can take to ensure Colorado is continuing to do all we can to conserve our water.”

Many came to testify in support of the bill, including representatives from the Colorado Water Congress, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Division of Water Quality Control, the Boulder County Department of Health’s Water Quality Control Program and two professors from CSU who are nationally recognized experts on graywater.

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