Young Updates Western States on Online Learning

(Sept. 10) – Rep. Dave Young (D-Greeley) was a panelist on Tuesday at a meeting to present an update on the progress that states across the country are making toward adoption of uniform standards for college and university online learning courses.

The panel discussion took place in Phoenix at the annual meeting of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education’s Legislative Advisory Committee, of which Rep. Young is a member.

The State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement is an interstate pact that states voluntarily join to establish comparable standards for offerings of post-secondary distance education courses and programs. Standards also ensure students receive fair treatment. Colorado, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Washington joined SARA last month, bringing the total number of member states to nine. SARA’s national council is based in Boulder.

“SARA saves states money while improving the quality of instruction and making sure students are treated fairly,” said Rep. Young. “I’m pleased to be able to spread the word about what we’ve been doing in Colorado to set high standards for distance learning. If other states opt into these standards, students will ultimately benefit through better customer protections, improved learning and lower costs.”

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