Young’s Bill to Improve Air Quality Testing for Diesel Trucks Passes House

(Feb. 26) – A bill to allow flexibility to air quality testing for diesel trucks while maintaining the highest air quality standards passed the House today by a vote of 64 to one.

HB13-1091, sponsored by Rep. Dave Young (D-Greeley), will allow a maintenance-based program as an alternative to opacity, or smoke density, testing for diesel trucks. This adds flexibility for businesses because they can use either one. This bill will also involve stakeholders in the details of the Air Quality Control Commission’s rule-making process.

“Allowing this flexibility for businesses will save fleets time, money and productivity, while assuring emissions reductions from diesel fleets,” Rep. Young said.

Current statute requires opacity testing of all trucks, but this test is increasingly less effective for newer electronically-controlled heavy-duty diesels.

Many testified a couple of weeks ago in support of the bill included representatives from the Colorado Motor Carriers, Jefferson County Schools, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, Colorado/Wyoming Petroleum Marketing Association and Colorado-based diesel fleet business owners.

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